The day I was awarded as the winner of The Stan Lee Foundation logo design a Talenthouse Creative Invite!... Roll drums please!

Until that day I used to think Manhattan could be an overwhelming city. I was wrong. I had to take a morning plane from my country (Dominican Republic) to New York City. I had to be on Times Square's NASDAQ Building in Manhattan by 6 pm!. What a rush!. Jeez!…

I met a bunch of fascinating people!. A few celebrities, but most important, Stan "The Man" Lee, from whom I received my beautiful award!!!!… Totally overwhelming!. A dream beyond your wildest dream!.

Add great people, tons of flash lights, fancy hors d'oeuvres, and a few more hundreds new friends after being awarded, and you have the day of your life!.  
The cherry on top?: Seeing my logo in almost every screen of Times Square at the same time!!!. O-M-G!

Not so funny fact: By the time I got to New York, I was starving!. I checked my clock and I had like an hour to lunch. I am crazy with sushi and seafood pasta. I went to Ruby Tuesday for the pasta. I enjoyed my break, so much that I completely forgot the time!. It was 7 PM already so I went back runnning to Nasdaq Building, but on my way, I noticed I was starting to have a severe allergic reaction!.
Ok.. to make a long story short. I am allergic to sea food!. Yes, I am. Anyway I had my pasta, only I had no idea its was going to be this severe!. Well, after a few bottled water, some breathing and praying, my eyes and my throat went back to normal. :P Of course I didn't eat one single thing until I went to my hotel. New York pizza at its best!. :)

Back on my hotel I was running on autopilot, trying to absorb, enjoy, live and keep breathing at the same time, without forgetting to be myself or worse... faint. This is something I will never, ever forget!. My apologies if some of the photos are a little blur or shaken. I swear I got this camera out of the box that same night. Anyway, my friends, this is it: "The day I met Stan Lee"! Thank you thousand times to Talenhouse.com!!!
Thank you so much Sarah Steel for the pics while I was being awardedl!. Amos Pizzey, Talenthouse.com Founder and Ted Adams and Junko Kobayashi from SLF!. What a nice group of of human beings!.
And of course The wonderful people of the city of Manhattan, New York who made me feel like a hero!.
Oh yes! I made it!. From JFK to my hotel to Times Square!
As soon as i got out of the elevator to the 2nd floor of NASDAQ Building in TImes Square I noticed my logo projected on the floor. What an experience!.
The second floor of NASDAQ Building my logo was everywhere. In the back you can see Times Square. It was around 7 pm when i got in and people were arriving
My logo keeps popin' up everywhere
2nd floor NASQAD Building, Times Square in the back
Along with my award a huge auction was on schedule with some very cool stuff.
On display SpiderMan #61 signed by Mr. Lee ready to be auctioned
Poster of Marvel Zombies. Signed by Stan "The Man" Lee and ready
to be sold to the highest bidder!
Original 11 x 17 front cover art of SpiderMan: Torment, written and illustrated
by Todd McFarlane and signed by him and Stan Lee.
Original Captain America art signed by "The Man".
Original cover art from Spawn, signed by Todd McFarlane and Mr. Lee
Created by Robert Kantor for The Stan Lee Foundation also auctioned
Beautiful ironMan made out of small ceramic pieces
Me and my camera man in Times Square
In front of NASDAQ Building in Times Square
An image I will never forget, my logo display on NASDAQ Building Times Square.
October 7, 2010
Entrance to NASDAQ Building, the party has started!
Image I took from NASDAQ Building 2nd floor.
My logo showed in all Times Square screens!! What a thrill!!
Amos Pizzey, Talenthouse.com Founder and Creative Director calls Mr. Stan Lee
to come up stage. Thank you Sarah for the pics while I was upthere!
This is the part where I couldn't believe how did I get so luchy!. Mr. Stan Lee
enters stage while I'm in shock
Impressive! Me and The Man!. What a cool, happy, contagious guy!
Amos Pizzey, Talenthouse's Creative Director and Founder , explains to Stan Lee
the reason why I was there. Same thing I was wondering!
Mr Stan Lee actually talking to me and reading the inscription on the award
(beautiful BTW). Me?. In complete shock!
This is the funny part, where Stan Lee ask me to talk, when I was not
supposed to. Breathe in, breathe out and everything came up nicely! Flawless
Did I say Amos Pizzey is the epitome of cool? Well HE IS!. Period!
Well I thanked The Stan Lee Fundation and Talenthouse...
and I will never get tired of it!
Ufff... what a night! The day after I was ready for ComiCon!. In the mean time, how about some shopping and sightseeing in my favorite city, Metropolis!. Let's start in the corner of 40 st... Midtown Comics!.

Thank you so much to The Stan Lee Fundation & Talenthouse staff for their company, words and support.
Specially for making me feel like home while I was overwhelmed with all this .
Thanks from my heart!. I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life!