I really don't like talking about myself.
So I think is better to let my work do the talking.

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On the menu above, you'll find some links to all my social media, so please feel free to visit and add me. Follow me, drop me a line, whatever works for you. I will really appreciate it!

I'm an artist and writer who works as creative and graphic designer working on advertising for the last 25 years.

Since I can remember storytelling is my passion.
Thanks to the internet I've been able to create this website where I can share my work with you. Definitely creating a comic is a titanic task, but in my case, a job I wouldn't change for anything in the world.

I'm the only person behind this website. ComicCinema.com is a nickname and it's been online for the last 14 years. I enjoy the entire creative process from writing, illustrating to publishing my comics, is something I really see myself doing the rest of my life.

I don't consider myself a fan of any particular series or genre, as long as it's well written. I absolutely love Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Patrick Brown and Joe Mad style, and writers like Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, MacFarlane, but especially Stan Lee who means a lot to me for reasons that goes beyond my own capacity of dreaming. As a comic fan and a designer.

Becoming The Stan Lee Foundation logo winner, is something that goes beyond anyone's dream. I was traveled to New York, full accomodations, NY ComicCon tickets but specially met The Man himself! Excelsior!. There's a page here if you want to see some pics

I try to learn something new everyday, and constantly renew myself. Even though most of my published work as an Illustrator is digital, I still work watercolors, pastels and acrylic and pencils on daily basis. But i do enjoy that level of realism on my stories.

I love teaching. I teach Digital illustration, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in Altos de Chavon - The School of Design, the best art school in my country and the Caribbean.
Thank so much for being here!

AJ Martí

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